2017 SIP in a Nutshell: Fun, Training, and More Fun

2017 Disneyland SIP Group Photo news

By Andrea Rosillo, Tax Intern, Dallas Office

Welcome back to another day in the life of an intern (or at least, according to me)!

Acclimating to the “office life” after coming back from the Summer Intern Program (SIP) in sunny California is kind of difficult when you’ve been treated to a full week of the “good life”: constant great weather, a *magical* environment, and delicious food.

For those of you that weren’t lucky enough to be an intern at Moss Adams this summer, I would like to present you the special opportunity to live this once-in-a-lifetime experience vicariously through the following highlights of our very-well-spent week at “the happiest place on earth”.

Day 1:

  • Interns and recruiters from across all of Moss Adams’ offices traveled by land,Capture air, (but no sea) to arrive at their home for the next four nights: the fabulous Disneyland Resort.
  • We were the first to receive newly-branded SWAG to show off around Disneyland and also had our first (super healthy and tasty) catered meal of the week!
  • Roger Weninger taught us a few of his special tools for success: “Stand up to Stand Out” and how to be “famous” in/out of the office.
  • Oh and also, we found out that our beds where not only comfy, but MAGICAL!!

Day 2 and 3:IMG_2887

  • To start off each day full of energy, our bodies and minds were fed with a glorious breakfast buffet and then… “hard” work for the next two days began:
    • After being divided up into groups, we rotated between Tax, Audit, and Employee Benefit Plans (EBP) training while the consulting group focused on their own (special) training.
    • We heard from Stefanie Langfeldt and Kelli Cline on what exactly is expected from us interns:
      • LOTS of questions (really, don’t be afraid to ask as much as you want!!)
      • Positive attitude
      • Passionate, hard work!
  • Before arriving to SIP we were asked to take the Strengths Finder 2.0 test and on Day 3 we were asked to split up into groups based on our #1 strength from our results.
    • (Not) surprisingly, the top strengths across all of the intern results this year included: achiever and focus.
    • This test can be taken by anyone in your family so if you want your relatives to understand themselves (and you) better, encourage them to take it!IMG_2565.JPG

Day 4:

  • As we finally arrived to the most anticipated part of the week, we fueled up with yet another delicious breakfast and then spent the morning getting ready for our scavenger hunt at Disneyland.IMG_2840.jpg
    • Please trust me when I say there is no better way to see all of Disneyland (or get a great workout) than participating in an extremely competitive scavenger hunt along with other ambitious students!
  • I won’t share too many details on the logistics of the scavenger hunt to keep things interesting (and fair) for next year’s participants but I will say that it was the highlight of the trip for me… and it didn’t even matter that our team was not in the top three!
  • After we were all sweaty and pumped up, we were given full freedom for the next 12 hours to discover and enjoy DISNEYLAND (at our own pace)!!!!!!
    • Pro Tip: Do everything you can to attend the World of Color show in the evening… it will leave you breathless, teary-eyed, and with a huge smile!IMG_2868

Day 5:

  • It did not matter how tired we were from Disneyland because on this last morning of our adventure, we were treated with an energetic and truly enjoyable business etiquette presentation from the one and only: Scott Flanary, Season 29 winner of The Amazing Race and amazing recruiter at Moss Adams.
  • We then received the final scores from the Scavenger Hunt and found out what teams won all of the great first, second, and third prizes!!
  • As we wrapped up the our final day in the presence of “the happiest place on earth,” we all said our happy goodbyes to our new friends and promised to stay in contact even from across different offices.IMG_2889.JPG

All in all, this was an experience that truly proves just what gives Moss Adams the Moss Adams Advantage across the entirety of the public accounting industry.

Thank you to everyone who worked so hard to make SIP so successful and for making our internship so special! 🙂


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