SIP to Tacoma: Our First Week in the Office

By Tyler Rixon, Tax Intern, Tacoma Office

If you got a chance to check out Andrea’s blog about SIP, then you already know what an amazing experience it was. But how do you take all the lessons learned and energy from SIP and apply it to your respective office? Since this experience is unique for everyone, I thought it would be fun to get input from all six of the Tacoma interns in this collaborative piece.



Peter Barnes – Tax Intern – Fun Fact: I’m 6’9 and a concert pianist

   “Our first day back was technical training in the Seattle office. Walking into the conference room was like going to a reunion filled with all your old friends, even though we had only known each other for a week! Also, Scott Flanary’s presentation about dining etiquette was amazing. I have been ordering Cobb salads at lunch ever since.”

David Luken – Audit Intern – Fun Fact: I think I could win the 12th Annual World Rib Eating Competition.

   “I agree with Peter. I really liked how some of the professionals leading the trainings were from the Tacoma office. It made it easy to approach them in the office after already having the chance to meet.”

Mikaela Mulvahill – Tax Intern – Fun Fact: I physically can’t wink or hold my breath for longer than 25 seconds.

   “After technical training, we were finally back in Tacoma and ready to work! But how does one go about finding work and what does the day-to-day process look like? I have found that it is helpful to reach out to people in the office, like my buddy, to learn the ropes.”

Collin Fredericks – Audit Intern – Fun Fact: I grew up with an adopted brother and sister in Spokane, WA.

   “My first day back was a little different since I was going out on my first Employee Benefit Plan audit. I was excited to apply the knowledge I learned in training and experience field work.”

Patrick Neely – Audit Intern – Fun Fact: Nobody can beat me in Mario Kart…GameCube or Wii, it doesn’t matter.

   “Unlike Collin, I didn’t have an EBP audit on my first day. I have focused on getting to know people in the office and do all kinds of online trainings like excel workshops and testing webinars. I also have been working with the other interns to create a fun competition for our food frenzy event.”

Whether your first few days in the office were similar to ours or not, there is no denying that the fun and excitement from SIP has carried over into the office. The best part is that we are all just getting started. Was your first week in the office completely different or noteworthy? Feel free to leave a comment and share about your first week. Thanks for reading!



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