The Newest Trend: Intra-office Networking

By Andrea Rosillo, Tax Intern, Dallas Office

Unless you are one of the few people who absolutely adore the thrill and excitement of networking with people you have never met, you will find that the key to building your network without the added discomfort is upon you…

Ta-da… I present to you intra-office networking, your new best friend! 🙂

You may be asking yourself, “How did a small-town girl from Texas find this magical new remedy to networking?” and the answer is simple: Moss Adams.

Well, maybe it wasn’t that simple but it did disguise itself during our first day as interns at Moss Adams; when our recruiters handed us our very own “Intern Passport: Your ticket to expanding your internal network“.

This was the grand beginning to what has, so far, been a successful and enjoyable internship (even as a tax intern!). Let me explain just how us interns (4 total) in the Dallas office have executed the wonders of the intra-office network:

  • During our second day of being Moss Adams Interns, each of us headed over to the Marvin website to find contact information for each of the employees in our office.Marvin Directory
  • We then split up the directory between the four of us and started shooting out emails inviting as many peers and leaders from our office to lunch or coffee.
  • At the beginning, we really were just attempting to complete our networking passports for the prize promised on the first page but we soon realized (as cliche as it may sound) that the prize was all of the yummy food and coffee we enjoyed while getting to know personable, successful leaders.IMG_3109
  • It might seem “weird” to ask so many people out to lunch but you should be proud of the connections you are making because you never know who could be your next mentor or who could give you that one-way ticket to your dream client or engagement.
  • The trick to a successful and smooth lunch or coffee with a fellow colleague is extending the invite to other interns. This makes it more comfortable for you and for the Senior/Manager/Sr. Manager/ Partner.

So for the last few weeks of your internship, be brave and send out as many emails as you can and take the time to make connections with people inside of the firm/your respective office.

Good luck and enjoy the food (and intellectual conversations)! 🙂

P.S. Below is the email template we used in Dallas for our “Intern Lunch or Coffee” emails; feel free to use and modify it. 🙂

  • CC: other interns in your office
  • Subject: Intern Lunch or Coffee
  • Body of email:

Good [afternoon] _________,

I hope you are having a wonderful week so far!

___________, __________, and I are the summer interns in the _________ office and would love to have lunch or coffee with you anytime you are available.

We are excited to learn about your experiences and knowledge of Moss Adams and public accounting in general!

Kind regards,




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