The Partner Lunch

By Tyler Rixon, Tax Intern, Tacoma Office

Eminem’s iconic verse was playing through my head “His palms are sweaty, knees weak, arms are heavy”. To top it off we were going to the Old Spaghetti Factory. This was…the Partner Lunch.Image result for intimidation networkingAll the Tacoma interns, except one who was out rocking his first audit, joined three highly successful Moss Adams Tax Partners for lunch. Seated at the table was the leader of Private Client Services in the Puget Sound region, National Practice Leader for Transportation and Logistics and the PIC (Partner in Charge) of both the Seattle and Tacoma offices. Now do you see why I was a little nervous?

As we walked over to lunch I thought about good conversation starters. Religion, politics and of course the weather… I wanted to ask good questions, but what are good questions? *Jump over to either Andrea or Linda’s blog about networking for help in this topic*.

But as we started talking, the fear melted away and I was left with a feeling of happiness. Everyone contributed to the conversation in between the bites of loaded lasagna.

Some of the big ideas from the lunch included:

  • Your friends at work are like your “chosen family”. The people you meet in Staff One training are friends for life!
  • It takes about five to seven years to master something.
  • The versatile nature of public accounting and client relationships is one of the many perks of working in this profession.

The moral of the story is that partners are people too! Yes, they lead busy lives juggling client, office and family relationships, but they are more than happy to get to know the bright, new faces of Moss Adams interns. Even if a lunch doesn’t work, I would encourage all interns to muster up the courage to schedule a lunch, coffee, or even a quick meeting (remember, they are kind of busy) with a partner or two. Not only did a feel like a I learned more about the culture of Moss Adams, but I also gained three new friends in the office.


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