How to Have a Full Schedule as a Summer Intern

By Linda Costa, Assurance Intern, Bellingham Office

Summertime in public accounting offices can resemble a ghost town. With the generous PTO offerings most companies provide for their employees, many people take a lot of time off in the summer. Why? Well… because there’s far less work (in most industries). Here are some tips of the trade as to how to fill your time and get the most out of your summer internship at Moss Adams.

1. Do research on your office industries.

Before you arrive at your office, it would be best suited to know what you are getting yourself into. For example, Employee benefit Plans are a big part of the work Moss Adams provides during the summer. If this is the case at your office alike, then it would be beneficial to voice your interest in these to your contacts as soon as possible, maybe even before you arrive.

Government related industries have different year ends than most private industries. These engagements tend to be more steady year-round, rather than a busy season. Here at the Bellingham office we have a large tribal government presence. September and June are particularly busy within this industry, different from the typical January – April busy season.

2. Get to know Moss employees

Schedule lunches and coffees to fill your time with career coaching opportunities. A summer internship can be rewarding in the sense that it allows you to connect with your co-workers during their down-time. In the winter, or the busy season, most employees would not have as much free time to mentor and inspire incoming interns. With a more relaxed schedule, other employees can take the time needed to help interns find their place and purpose at Moss.

3. Shadow people

When there just isn’t enough work to go around, connect with an employee in the office. After you have emailed or approached nearly everyone in search of billable work, an alternative way of obtaining experience is by watching others

4. Sign up to be a blogger!

Blogging is a great way to fill those empty hours you might have on your calendar. With the opportunity to build your resume, while expanding on your writing abilities. Yes, accountants need to be able to write cohesively too! Who do you think writes those financial statements in assurance? Who might be responsible for writing professional and concise emails to tax clients? You guys!

5. Career coaching lunches.

Free food? Solid career advice? Building your network? These are all things that lunch with a current Moss Employee can provide for you. Take a moment to follow up with and meet with a staff member, senior manager, manager, or partner; their advice and answers to your prying questions will help guide you in your career. Remember, Moss Adams is an industry specialized company; one day, you would feasibly have to choose what area you prefer. Learning more about these industries now will help you get ahead sooner in your decision.


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