Accountants Make a Splash in the Fight Against Hunger – Meaningfulness, Civic Engagement, & Fun!

By Tyler Rixon, Tax Intern, Tacoma Office

Who say’s water pong can’t be used for a good cause? More on that later, but first a refresher from an undergraduate business curriculum favorite – Organizational Behavior. Meaningfulness of a job is one of the critical psychological states of job satisfaction. At Moss Adams, there simply is no shortage of job satisfaction. Many employees testify that the reward from collaborating with a client to take a complex issue and help them achieve that “Ah-ha!” moment is priceless. In addition to helping clients, Moss Adams employees also find meaning in civic engagement activities. Food Frenzy, a competition designed to raise funds to reduce summer time hunger for children and families, is a fun way that Moss Adams improves one of its communities.

Every year, the Moss Adams interns of the Washington region organize and facilitate an event for Food Frenzy. This year, events included Bellingham’s cook-off challenge, Seattle’s casino night, Everett’s ping pong tournament and Tacoma’s water pong tournament! Every office puts their own spin on the activity, but here in Tacoma we like to keep things competitive. Our pay-to-play tournament was a great way for people to flex their competitive muscles and bring in a sizeable amount of money to contribute to a great organization. Speaking of great organizations, did I mention that Moss Adams matches a large sum of employee’s donations for events such as Food Frenzy? Last year as a region, we were able to raise $16,191 for this great cause!

Pictured below are the winners of the water pong championship – Rachel Ervin and Jenna Quantz. In a totally “Mossome” edition of water pong, players had the option to purchase “Moss Adams Advantages” throughout the game. Advantages included players shooting with their non-dominant hand or the ability to bring a cup back into play. Rachel and Jenna were not phased however as they were able to win a one-cup to one-cup shoot out and bring home the trophy and bragging rights.


Maybe you are someone who likes to roll up your sleeves and do work as a form of civic engagement? If so, you are in luck as the Seattle office organized a team to go and physically sort and pack the food for the families.2017 National Office Canned Tuna

Food Frenzy is just one example of how Moss Adams creates opportunities for people to impact their community in a meaningful way. Even if your office doesn’t participate in an event like the Washington region’s Food Frenzy, I am sure there are plenty of similar opportunities. If not, what a great chance to start a tradition in your office that promotes meaningfulness, civic engagement, and of course, fun!6


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