Summer is Gone. Winter is Coming!

By Andrea Rosillo, Tax Intern, Dallas Office

This being my last week as a tax intern at Moss Adams has been nothing if not productive and elusive. Time has simply flown by way too fast! Just in case you didn’t catch the reference from my title, Game of Thrones says it best when it comes to the summer season ending and the winter season being upon us.  Continue reading “Summer is Gone. Winter is Coming!”


The Importance of Staying Involved Even After College

By Andrea Rosillo, Tax Intern, Dallas Office

As you may remember from my introductory post, I am a dedicated leader and member of a national non-profit organization known as ALPFA (Association of Latino Professionals for America). Along with that involvement came the opportunity to attend their 45th Annual Convention in Las Vegas, Nevada this past week and came back feeling more “worldly” and knowledgeable than ever before… well, at least that’s how I chose to see my experience. 🙂

I know that you’ve probably heard from many people throughout your college career (ad nauseam) that it is vital for your resume to showcase your involvement in volunteering and organizations on/off-campus. Well, here I am, telling you once again with the hope that this time it resonates and applies to you in a different and even more meaningful manner than it usually does. Continue reading “The Importance of Staying Involved Even After College”

Accountants Make a Splash in the Fight Against Hunger – Meaningfulness, Civic Engagement, & Fun!

By Tyler Rixon, Tax Intern, Tacoma Office

Who say’s water pong can’t be used for a good cause? More on that later, but first a refresher from an undergraduate business curriculum favorite – Organizational Behavior. Meaningfulness of a job is one of the critical psychological states of job satisfaction. At Moss Adams, there simply is no shortage of job satisfaction. Many employees testify that the reward from collaborating with a client to take a complex issue and help them achieve that “Ah-ha!” moment is priceless. In addition to helping clients, Moss Adams employees also find meaning in civic engagement activities. Food Frenzy, a competition designed to raise funds to reduce summer time hunger for children and families, is a fun way that Moss Adams improves one of its communities.

Continue reading “Accountants Make a Splash in the Fight Against Hunger – Meaningfulness, Civic Engagement, & Fun!”

Yes, We are Millenials and Yes, We are Awesome

By Andrea Rosillo, Tax Intern, Dallas Office'Why are we labeling a bunch of insulated self-indulgent whiny cry babies 'millennials'?'

If you’re reading this, there is a pretty good chance you are a Millenial – enthusiastic, multicultural, entrepreneurial, optimistic, educated and now-focused. Does that sound like you? That’s not surprising; there are about 53.7 million of us and we pretty much rule!!

I know I don’t speak for everyone, but I can honestly say: I am proud to be a Millenial [read: proud]. I also know that most of us don’t agree with all stereotypes aligned with our age group but I would like to shed some light on the attributes, which I find to be generally accurate, that we should actually be reinforcing to create a competitive edge for ourselves.

But first, I think it is essential to understand just who the label “Millenial” applies to. There seems to be a large misconception that has actually led members of this group to rudely judge others of their own brotherhood by saying things like “Oh Millenials, they are way too optimistic…” and “Gosh they are such tech junkies…” Continue reading “Yes, We are Millenials and Yes, We are Awesome”

How to Have a Full Schedule as a Summer Intern

By Linda Costa, Assurance Intern, Bellingham Office

Summertime in public accounting offices can resemble a ghost town. With the generous PTO offerings most companies provide for their employees, many people take a lot of time off in the summer. Why? Well… because there’s far less work (in most industries). Here are some tips of the trade as to how to fill your time and get the most out of your summer internship at Moss Adams.

1. Do research on your office industries. Continue reading “How to Have a Full Schedule as a Summer Intern”

The Newest Trend: Intra-office Networking

By Andrea Rosillo, Tax Intern, Dallas Office

Unless you are one of the few people who absolutely adore the thrill and excitement of networking with people you have never met, you will find that the key to building your network without the added discomfort is upon you…

Ta-da… I present to you intra-office networking, your new best friend! 🙂

You may be asking yourself, “How did a small-town girl from Texas find this magical new remedy to networking?” and the answer is simple: Moss Adams. Continue reading “The Newest Trend: Intra-office Networking”

The “Do’s” and “Don’ts” of Networking

by Linda Costa, Assurance Intern, Bellingham

Networking might have helped you land an internship with Moss Adams, but don’t make the mistake of ending the networking process too soon. Building your network is a continuing part of your career. For many, this involves putting yourself out there and getting out of your comfort zone.
Continue reading “The “Do’s” and “Don’ts” of Networking”