2017 SIP in a Nutshell: Fun, Training, and More Fun

2017 Disneyland SIP Group Photo news

By Andrea Rosillo, Tax Intern, Dallas Office

Welcome back to another day in the life of an intern (or at least, according to me)!

Acclimating to the “office life” after coming back from the Summer Intern Program (SIP) in sunny California is kind of difficult when you’ve been treated to a full week of the “good life”: constant great weather, a *magical* environment, and delicious food.

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Our Parting Gift: Advice

Scott Bohmke; Amanda Wilson; Kelli Breland; Jamie Martin – Summer Interns

Going away

As a special treat for all our blog readers, we (your 2015 Summer Intern bloggers) have decided to write a collaborative entry to wrap up the summer, our internships, and this years blog. We decided that our last entry should be one that shares all of the things we have learned throughout this summer with Moss Adams. Below are some of the tips, tricks, and pieces of guidance we thought we should share with those who will later enter into the world of interning with a public accounting firm. Continue reading “Our Parting Gift: Advice”

Making the Right Choice

By Amanda Wilson, Tax Intern, Seattle Office

Moss Adams Summer Intern Program (SIP) 2015 at Disneyland.
Moss Adams Summer Intern Program (SIP) 2015 at Disneyland.

After months of coffee dates, interviews, office tours, and thank-you emails, the moment finally arrives when you receive an offer – the offer you have agonized over and desperately hoped for. The pre-offer courtship involved after-work socials, business card exchanges, and a repetitive repertoire of questions between current employees and hopeful interns, all with the intention of learning about the other party and if you two will be a good match. Making the decision to pursue a firm and accept an offer from them is so much more than choosing a summer/winter source of income – it’s choosing the launch pad for your career.

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SIP 2015: People, Perspective, and Pretzels

By Kelli Breland, tax intern, Tacoma office

As I lugged my suitcase through airport security, passed the Alaska Airlines desk, and into the overhead rack, I was hit with a sudden realization: We had heard about SIP for weeks, but I still didn’t know what to expect. I sat in my seat and watched the activity on the tarmac while trying to figure out what I could count on. I knew there would be training, Disneyland, and 116 other interns, but that was about it. Before I knew it, we were taking off, and my SIP adventure began. Continue reading “SIP 2015: People, Perspective, and Pretzels”